Have you ever had a question about getting a piercing or some tattoo work done but you’ve been too afraid to ask? Well now is your chance to read up on what everybody else has been asking!

Will it hurt?
This question is asked more than any other when it comes to tattoos. Yes, even more than “How much?”

The answer is, “Yes.”

Quite literally we are stabbing you thousands of times a minute with multiple needles. Of course, it hurts!

Now before you go getting all freaked out, keep in mind that thousands of people every day get tattoos, and they all survive. If done correctly, a tattoo should feel more like a burning sensation. It can be described as what it feels like to be scratched by a cat. Different areas of the body can hurt more than others and sensitivity can even vary in small areas.

A good test is to drag your fingernail across your skin, it will tell you how sensitive the area is and how it will differ from other areas. A pinch of skin between your fingernails can give you and idea of how much pain you will feel. Different people have different pain tolerances, but most tattooists can help you deal with that pain. Always remember, listen to your tattooist, he’s done this before and he’s probably learned a thing or two.


How long will a tattoo take to heal and what care should be taken?
Tattoos take approximately seven days to heal & during this time you do have to follow certain instructions, keep the tattoo clean, avoid swimming and sunburn. A light scab may form and under no circumstances are you allowed to pick at it. We recommend Bepanthan or Protat cream for aftercare but you must wash your hands with antibacterial soap before applying the cream.


What is the age limit for Tattooing?
The age limit on tattooing is 18 years. No exceptions.


Do you have to make an appointment?
No. Whilst walk-ins are more than welcome we do advise to make an appointment as we can often be very heavily booked.


Can I have something designed for me?
Designing original artwork specifically for you is what we do, if you have a general idea or two of what you have in mind bring it in to us and we can work on it for you. Having a place to start is easier but if not our artists do have amazing imaginations so feel free to come in and have a chat.


Can you supply me with copies of the artwork so I can think about it?
No, we spend a great deal of money buying the rights to the art and if we allowed it to leave the studio it could be used elsewhere.



Body Piercing


Will it hurt?
Only for a split second. We are also able to numb some areas before piercing.


How long will a piercing take to heal and what care should be taken?
A piercing can take at least six weeks to heal properly and sometimes longer


What is the age limit for Body Piercing?
There is no legal age limit for Body Piercing (however, there are a different set of rules for genital peircing), though as a professional studio we do try to set our own moral standards.


Do you have to make an appointment?
No, we have a piercer on staff six days a week so all you have to do is come in. (see our contact page for trading hours)


How do I change my jewelery?
We use specialized clamps to tighten the ring/balls, that is why you will find it difficult to open or undo the jewellery yourself. We can change over your jewellery, the equipment used is fully sterilized for your safety and the charge for the service is $5.00


Will you attempt unusual piercings?
If it is something you want and we think it is achievable, yes definitely.


Can I be pierced with my own jewelery?
Yes, you can supply your own, but it must be suitable for the type of piercing in question (we recommend surgical steel for the healing process). This will bring the price of the piercing down by $10.00 plus whatever it cost to buy the original piece. Bear in mind, it can end up costing you more!